Delta Polygon Strikeforce (DPS) is a group of 3 special polygons that came to aid the polygons in their battle against the Tanks.

They are strong, and large polygons with special abilities/behaviour.


There are 3 member of the force.


Delvin is a large triangle, whom has a eastern-style helmet, 2 curved Delta Swords that she crafted herself, a large triange gem in the middle of the helmet.

The swords are curved with a triangular pummel, that has a glowing triangular gem. They have hilt protection shields at the end of the hilt. The blade is a long slight-curvy eastern-style blade.


Konstell is a large square, whom has a a hat similar to mob hats. He wields his own Bankern AT pistol. The hat has a golden tape around it, and has a square gem in the middle of it.

The pistol is a large, long pistol without a muzzle, and has small gray plates over it. There is a small, light crimson scope-like shape on top of it.


Penclann is a large pentagon, whom has a apprentice hat, which has a light crimson tape, which has a pentagon hem in the middle.

He wields a magic book, which aslo has a pentagon gem on top, with a light blue tape.


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