Basic Info

Fzsquare is a Polygon made by Tungster24. Do not Steal.


It is a Square 2x the normal size. Has 3 spawners. Has a 4 Point star in the middle


It has three spawers with each one of them with the abilty to spawn 2 Summoner Squares. Fzsquare can throw the star in the middle and it will stick and drain the health of the player slowly like a Leecher.

It also can spawn 8 drones, If it was alive for 10 minutes. Gives 200 EXP and 200 score. The Drones are very weak and can be easily defeated, But the spike will stay until Fzsquare dies. And it has 3000 HP when acting like a leecher.

If two Fzsquares meet eachoter, They will Work together to Kill enemies.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Against: Tier 1,2 Tanks.

Weak Against: Anything but listed above.


  • Score given was 300, then was nerfed to 200