The rules below are for this Wikia. Breaking any of them may result in a ban depending on the severity.


Regular Users

  • No Spamming
  • No Necroposting (Reviving a old/archived post without permission)
  • No IP address manipulation (Avoiding a ban/having other people be banned with you)


  • Rules above.
  • Don't promote other people for no reason.
  • No abusing rights (Banning a person for no reason)
  • No tampering with CSS or JS without permission of the Bureaucrat.
  • Being inactive for more than 10 days without telling anyone will result in you being demoted of your admin status.


Regular Users

  • No spamming (Only in Private Messaging)
  • No Harassing.
  • if you get kicked, DO NOT come back to chat immediately. Wait for at least a minute, unless the kick was unintentional by admin/chat mods.
  • No overusing of the /me command.

Chat Moderators

  • Rules above.
  • Don't use the /announce command unless it is important.


  • Rules above.
  • No promoting people in chat unless they deserve it.


If you want to get promoted, there are a few levels

  • New User
  • Regular User
  • Promoted User
  • Chat Moderator or Discussion Moderator
  • Junior Staff
  • Staff
  • Admin

Levels of punishment

If you break a rule, then you will get a punishment. All are listed below

  1. Warning 1
  2. Warning 2
  3. Warning 2
  4. 1 day ban (Temporary Demotion if admin)
  5. 1 week ban (Temporary Demotion if admin)
  6. 1 week ban (Temporary Demotion if admin)
  7. Demotion
  8. 1 month ban
  9. Warning 4
  10. A tag on your message wall that can't be removed, Unless forgiven.
  11. Banned from the Wikia for 1 year
  12. banned from the Wikia indefinably, unless forgiven