Scavenger Polygons are a special type of polygon that has a 8% chance to replace an alpha pentagon spawn.


Depends on what they have killed.


Scavenger Polygons, when they spawn are a hostile polygon that will dash at a player that attacks them, but when they kill a tank something special happens. The Tank that the Scavenger killed will appear connected to the body of the scavenger via a chain made of squares, this works for every single tank except the following.

  • OP Tanks
  • Bosses
  • Dominators
  • Motherships
  • Arena Closers
  • Minions (Factory Drones)
  • Tanks under Level 25

(Note:There can be a max of 10 tanks on a scavenger)



A Scavenger Polygon


Another Scavenger

The Scavenger Polygon body has 2000 HP and 7 pts of body damage but the tanks have the same health and bullet stats of what they had before they were killed however movement speed is removed and the points put into it are randomly put into other stats, the scavenger is as slow as the defender.


The Scavenger moves around the map similar to a defender, but will avoid bases. It will target all level 20 and above tanks and avoid 19 or lower tanks unless provoked.


it will be attacked by base protectors.


  • If given enough time and it has killed enough tanks, it can become as powerful as a boss.