NOTE:This page is a Work in Progress

Wrath Polygons are special types of polygons that only spawn on certain conditions and are aggressive versions of their normal counterpart.



Wrath Square (4 Sided Lifestealers):Looks like a square except it is almost black with a tint of red in it, black particles circle around it and it has a red dot in the center, probably an eye, attacks with the particles, 150 HP

Wrath Triangle (Tri-Angel Of Death):looks like a triangle except it is a dark red color, has black "wings" featured on 2 sides and 2 red dots on it, attacks via ramming. 560 HP

Wrath Pentagons (Pentapain):Looks like a pentagon except it is a dark red (lighter then the wrath triangles though), has spawners on all 5 sides and 1 auto turret in the center, the turret is a red color, 1060 HP but no body damage